Mystical Monkey King

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Idols of Sun Wukong or "Monkey King" are believed to bring success & prosperity at home. This monkey looks small but the benefits he brings are beyond thoughts. Monkey King was also known as Lord Hanuman symbolically stands for meditation and the absence of ego and is known to purify the souls which make the idol a perfect summation of serenity and positivity. Keep it in the common area of your house and watch it for 30 seconds every day with no other secondary thoughts. It fills you with positivity on your busy schedule. It purifies your house by removing all kinds of negativity. It makes you a happier person with a clean soul and a fresh mind and brings more and more success in your life.

Here's why you will love this:-

  • Brings positivity in your life.
  • Size is not too big. Easy to take with you during traveling.
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly paints are used to color it.

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