Handcrafted Sitting Buddha Statue

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The Namaskara Mudra(Hands pressed together) is the gesture of greeting, prayer, and adoration. The Namaskara  Mudra is usually taken as the mudra of gesture of offering and devotion. It is also a gesture of prayer with the palms folded together. This beautiful hand-crafted form of buddha brings compassion in your life. It has tremendous potential of removing negativity in thoughts by uprooting them from the subconscious. It provides strong protection from any negativity in life. 

Here's why you will love this:-

  • Brings positivity in your life.
  • Size is not too big. Easy to take with you during traveling.
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly paints are used to color it.

Dimensions: 23X15.3X11.5cm

Weight:1.5 lbs.

Material: Premium Resin.

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